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Tag Description Tag Type Example Meaning
<prn> pronoun POS saya - saya<prn> I, me, mine (depending on the position)
<v> verb lemma POS kirim - kirim<v><av><perf>? deliver
<n> noun lemma POS
<a> adjective lemma POS
<num> number lemma POS
<per> preposition lemma POS
<cnjsub> subordinating conjunction lemma POS
<cnjcoo> coordinating conjunction lemma POS
<sg> singular NUM
<pl> plural NUM
<car> cardinal number NUM
<ord> ordinal number NUM
<coll> collective number NUM
<vbhaver> verb ‘to have’ VERB
<vbser> verb ‘to be’ VERB
<av> active voice VOICE
<pv> passive voice VOICE
<perf> perfective aspect ASPECT
<imp> imperfective aspect ASPECT
<ent> derived entity noun NOUN kiriman - kirim<v><ent><sg> package
<actor> derived actor noun NOUN pengirim - kirim<v><actor><sg> deliverer
<act> derived act noun NOUN pengiriman - kirim<v><act><sg> delivery
<sup> superlative adjective ADJ
<enc> enclitic CLITIC
<pro> proclitic CLITIC
<cap> capitalization mark MARK Kirim - kirim<v><av><perf><cap>? see above <v>

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