Ideas for Google Summer of Code/UD Annotatrix

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UD Annotatrix is a tool for annotating Universal Dependencies. The objective of this project is to extend it in useful ways:


  1. Comprehensive testing framework
    • Find out how the code works, and add tests for functionalities (interface and backend).
  1. Interface for disambiguation (in CG mode)
  2. Integrate d3's graphing library and TreeX
    • Better graph/edge layouts
  3. Support for enhanced dependencies
  4. Full keyboard support
  5. Collaborative editting support
  1. Support for ambiguous sentences
  2. Support for enhanced dependencies
  3. Integration with GitHub
  4. Collaborative editting support
  5. Search functionality
  1. Full logging support
  2. Search functionality

Coding challenge

  • Download UD Annotatrix
  • Fix one issue in the server version
  • Fix one issue in the client
  • Annotate 20 trees
  • Proof of concept for graphing with d3 (hard-coded values)