Ideas for Google Summer of Code/Improving support for non-standard text input

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Create a module that will standardise non-standard input. For example, slang, abbreviations.

Some examples from English

  • Extra space: "he he" (hehe)
  • Spacing and hyphen variation: no-one, noone, no one
  • Optional hyphen: re-integrate, reintegrate
  • Missing apostrophe: shes thinking about it
  • Non-standard capitalisation: im thinking about it
  • Abbreviated words: fav,
  • Emoticons: :)

Coding challenge

  • Make a test corpus of non-standard texts for a particular domain (could be IRC, tweets, forums etc.)
  • Translate them with Apertium
  • Come up with examples of non-standard features that effect translation quality
  • Propose ways in which they might be solved.


  • Do a literature review of papers on normalisation of input.

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