Ideas for Google Summer of Code/Bidix lookup and maintenance

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Things to have in the interface:

Ranking translations probably doesn't exhaust the information that can be extracted from .lrx, and we might as well display the rest and make it editable as well, even if that's information that doesn't normally appear in a dictionary.

If the user edits something and doesn't have a github account, a bot should make the PR for them (maybe? are we worried about spam?). If they do have an account they should log in using OAuth. It also shouldn't be too hard to make an offline mode so that people can just use this as a local editor.

It would be really great if this could eventually integrate with Easy dictionary maintenance, which is essentially the monolingual equivalent of this.

Coding Challenge

A webpage that takes 2 language codes (abc and xyz) and a surface form in abc and displays a list of surface forms in xyz of all translations, sorted by part of speech.

Further Reading