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This project will involve writing linguistic data, including morphological rules and transfer rules — which are specified in a declarative language. A good intro would be to look through Apertium New Language Pair HOWTO, see also Contributing to an existing pair. If the pair has OK dictionaries but a bad tagger (disambiguator), a GsoC project might involve writing a good Constraint Grammar for the pair.

Coding challenge

The coding challenge for this task is to ...

  • Install Apertium (see Minimal installation from SVN)
  • Go through the HOWTO
  • Go through the MT course here (или здесь)
  • Write a translator that translates as much of this story as possible. Other translations can be found here.
    • If there is no translation, translate it into the languages of your language pair first.
  • Upload your work to Apertium SVN.

The URL to your coding challenge work should be included in your application.

Previous GSOC projects

And pairs which were adopted in past years:

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