Ideas for Google Summer of Code

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This page has not been updated for GSoC 2021 yet. Some of these projects were completed in 2020, and none are adjusted for 2021 only allowing half the working hours of previous years.

This is the ideas page for Google Summer of Code, here you can find ideas on interesting projects that would make Apertium more useful for people and improve or expand our functionality. If you have an idea please add it below, if you think you could mentor someone in a particular area, add your name to "Interested mentors" using ~~~

The page is intended as an overview of the kind of projects we have in mind. If one of them particularly piques your interest, please come and discuss with us on #apertium on, mail the mailing list, or draw attention to yourself in some other way.

Note that, if you have an idea that isn't mentioned here, we would be very interested to hear about it.

Here are some more things you could look at:

If you're a student trying to propose a topic, the recommended way is to request a wiki account and then go to[[your username]]/GSoC2020Proposal

and click the "create" button near the top of the page. It's also nice to include [[Category:GSoC_2020_student_proposals]] to help organize submitted proposals.