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The informal meeting place of Apertium is the Internet Relay Chat channel #apertium at If you want help with anything Apertium-related, or just want to have a chat with the developers, feel free to join our channel.


Use an IRC client

Linux and Windows users might like the light-weight and highly configurable There is also which has some nice proxy features and Ubuntu/Gnome integration, which also has some nice proxying (which you can connect to with a mobile client), and which is a popular actively developed fork of xchat.

Mac users may like which seems quite well integrated with the Mac desktop.

Chrome OS users might like CIRC.

You can install on any server that can run nodejs, and get a pretty-looking web-based chat client that always stays connected for you (similar to running Weechat with glowingbear).

Clicking irc:// should connect your client if you've installed it, otherwise select from the servers and join #apertium.

Through a browser

If you for some reason don't have access to install a chat client, you can try in your web browser. The webchat seems to disconnect a lot though, so we recommend using a real desktop client.


If you haven't used IRC much before, one of the easiest ways is probably to connect via Matrix/Element; see IRC/Matrix for how. This will give you an account with persistent history even if your computer isn't always on, and works on all platforms.

Other info

Many users have their IRC nick name listed on their users page.

If you want to share code snippets or long examples on IRC, please use our pastebin.


User:Tino Didriksen keeps logs.

There's also a 28 day summary, which gives such cryptic information as:

17	Mitch-J	127		1466	19 days ago	"Hmm same as spectie, which doesn't grant much flexibility"
22	Sir48	98		757	today	"wir parlen todos languages :)"
25	Afal	70		628	3 days ago	"and last year I was since I was in the local boys choir"

Logs from before May 2021 can be found here.


Can I ask people questions here?


Don't ask to ask a question, just get to the point and ask the real question.

  • Don't do: <Guest45011> Anyone here? Can I ask a question?
  • Instead, do: <Guest45011> Hi, I'm trying to compile XYZ and getting this error: How do I fix this?

Then hang around (don't quit the chat program) until someone answers.

Can I write @name on IRC?

As on Twitter? Yes, just leave off the @. If your IRC client does not highlight the name you wrote, stay calm. The user will still be notified if you have spelt their username correctly. Most clients give username completion if you write the first characters and press TAB.

Can I send a personal message on IRC?

Yes, but most of us prefer if you speak to us in the #apertium channel. If you have something private to talk about, you can use /msg USERNAME some message to send a private message.

What is this begiak user on about?

It's a bot. See begiak for more info.

Are there IRC plugins for Apertium?

Yes! See Plugin_for_XChat and Plugin_for_Pidgin