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The informal meeting place of Apertium is the Internet Relay Chat channel #apertium at

On a web browser, try or use our CGI::IRC client, or, if you use Mozilla, Firefox, Opera or Seamonkey, you may try typing irc://, which will start the Chatzilla client or Opera's own client).

Another favourite Linux client is xchat.

Many users have their IRC nick name listed on their users page.

If you want to share code snippets or long examples on IRC, please use our pastebin.

spectie's status

spectie is gone


User:Tino Didriksen keeps logs.

There's also a 28 day summary, which gives such cryptic information as:

17	Mitch-J	127		1466	19 days ago	"Hmm same as spectie, which doesn't grant much flexibility"
22	Sir48	98		757	today	"wir parlen todos languages :)"
25	Afal	70		628	3 days ago	"and last year I was since I was in the local boys choir"