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==External Resources==
==External Resources==
* [http://www.aclweb.org/anthology/C10-2147 Urdu and Hindi: Translation and sharing of linguistic resources]
* [http://www.cal.org/heritage/pdfs/voices-hindi-language.pdf Introduction to Hindi]
* [https://www.researchgate.net/publication/313030658_Learning_of_Hindi_Phonology_as_a_Foreigner Learning of Hindi Phonology as a Foreigner]
* [https://benjamins.com/catalog/loall.12 Hindi by Yamuna Kachru]
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* [http://www.koausa.org/iils/pdf/ModernHindiGrammar.pdf Modern Hindi Grammar, Omkar N. Koul]
* [http://www.koausa.org/iils/pdf/ModernHindiGrammar.pdf Modern Hindi Grammar, Omkar N. Koul]
* [http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/bitstream/10603/78191/11/11_chapter%204.pdf Grammatical & Inflectional Analysis of Hindi and Dogri]
* [http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/bitstream/10603/78191/11/11_chapter%204.pdf Grammatical & Inflectional Analysis of Hindi and Dogri]
* [https://surface.syr.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1170&context=suscholar The Oldest Grammar of Hindustani Tej K. Bhatia]
* [http://esl.fis.edu/grammar/langdiff/hindi.htm Differences between Hindi and Urdu Grammar
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* [https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1702/1702.01587.pdf A Hybrid Approach For Hindi-English Machine Translation]
* [https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1702/1702.01587.pdf A Hybrid Approach For Hindi-English Machine Translation]
* [https://airccj.org/CSCP/vol7/csit77206.pdf Experiments On Different Recurrent Neural Networks For English-Hindi Machine Translation]
* [https://www.cse.iitb.ac.in/~pb/papers/eng-hindi-mt.pdf Interlingua based English-Hindi Machine Translation and Language Divergence]
* [http://aircconline.com/ijaia/V8N5/8517ijaia04.pdf Building An Effective MT System For English-Hindi Using RNNs Ruchit Agrawal & Dipti Misra Sharma]
* [https://www.researchgate.net/publication/319351932_Neural_Machine_Translation_of_Indian_Languages Neural Machine Translation of Indian Languages]
* [https://www.hindawi.com/journals/tswj/2014/485737/ Quantum Neural Network Based Machine Translator for Hindi to English]
====Languages Other than English====
* [http://h2p.learnpunjabi.org/ Hindi-Punjabi Machine Translation]
* [http://www.academia.edu/3275646/A_Hybrid_Approach_for_Bengali_to_Hindi_Machine_Translation A Hybrid Approach for Bengali to Hindi Machine Translation, Sanjay Chatterji]
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* http://hindi-english.org/
* http://hindi-english.org/
* http://e-mahashabdkosh.rb-aai.in/
* https://shabdkosh.raftaar.in/Hindi-English-Dictionary
* https://shabdkosh.raftaar.in/Hindi-English-Dictionary
* http://www.aamboli.com/
* [http://tdil-dc.in/index.php?option=com_download&task=showresourceDetails&toolid=1552&lang=en Bilingual Dictionary Marathi to Hindi]
* [http://troindia.in/journal/ijcesr/vol3isss9/74-80.pdf An English To Assamese, Bengali And Hindi Multilingual E-Dictionary]
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* [http://www.lrec-conf.org/proceedings/lrec2014/pdf/835_Paper.pdf HindEnCorp – Hindi-English and Hindi-only Corpus for Machine Translation]
* [http://www.lrec-conf.org/proceedings/lrec2014/pdf/835_Paper.pdf HindEnCorp – Hindi-English and Hindi-only Corpus for Machine Translation]
* [https://arxiv.org/abs/1710.02855 The IIT Bombay English-Hindi Parallel Corpus]
* [https://arxiv.org/abs/1710.02855 The IIT Bombay English-Hindi Parallel Corpus]
* [https://catalog.ldc.upenn.edu/LDC2008L02 Hindi WordNet]
* [http://corpora.uni-leipzig.de/en?corpusId=hin_news_2011 Hindi News Corpus]

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English and Hindi for GSoC[edit]

English–Hindi is sometimes/often discouraged as a GSoC project because:

  1. it has been done unsuccessfully at least 3 times already;
  2. it's hard;
  3. Google already does it well (the GSoC project is "reaching state-of-the-art");
  4. ...

Todo list[edit]

Main article: /Work plan
  • Check that the story is correctly translated from English to Hindi and that there are no missing sentences.
  • Fix spelling errors in the story.
  • Add other personal pronouns on the model of 'I' -- in both the Hindi dictionary and the bilingual dictionary.
  • Come up with short example sentences (they should include a verb) for common postpositions "with the cat" "under the table". etc.
  • Every word in the bidix should have a POS tag
  • Every noun on the Hindi side should have gender.
  • Adjectives in English in the bidix should be marked for 'sint'.
  • Check if there are any forms missing from #Verb_conjugation



Grammar stuff[edit]

Noun phrase[edit]

Postpositional phrase[edit]

 NP-obl post

Postposition can be simple or kā + adv/noun.

Genitive phrase[edit]

SN-obl kā-$GEN.$NBR.nom SN-$GEN.$NBR.nom

Verb conjugation[edit]

Tag Description
<impf> Imperfective participle
<perf> Perfective participle
<inf> Infinitive
<prs> Subjunctive
<fut> Future
<imp> Imperative
... ...
  • Imperfective participle: -taa, -tii, -te, -tii
  • Perfective participle: -aa, -ii, -e, -iim
  • Infinitive: -naa
  • Subjunctive: -uum, -e, -e, -em, -o, -em
  • Future: subjunctive + -gaa, -ge, -gii, -gii
  • Imperative:
  • Verbal adverbs: -kar / -0 kar
बोल; बोलना; inf.nom; vblex.tv 
बोल; बोलने; inf.obl; vblex.tv 
बोल; बोलता; impf.m.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलती; impf.f.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलते; impf.m.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलती; impf.f.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोला; perf.m.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोली; perf.f.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोले; perf.m.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोली; perf.f.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलूं; prs.p1.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोले; prs.p2.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोले; prs.p3.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलें; prs.p1.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलो; prs.p2.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलें; prs.p3.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलूंगा; fut.p1.m.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलेगा; fut.p2.m.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलेगा; fut.p3.m.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलेंगे; fut.p1.m.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलोगे; fut.p2.m.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलेंगे; fut.p3.m.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलूंगी; fut.p1.f.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलेगी; fut.p2.f.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलेगी; fut.p3.f.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलेंगी; fut.p1.f.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलोगी; fut.p2.f.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलेंगी; fut.p3.f.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोल; imp.p2.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलो; imp.p2.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलिए; imp.p2.frm.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलकर; gna; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलके; gna; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलनेवाला; agnt.m.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलनेवाली; agnt.f.sg; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलनेवाले; agnt.m.pl; vblex.tv
बोल; बोलनेवाली; agnt.f.pl; vblex.tv

Verb patterns[edit]

impf participle + "be" present
  • pres
stem + "raha" impf participle + "be" present
  • "be" present + ger
perf participle
  • past
perf participle + "be" present
  • "have" present + pp
perf participle + "be" past
  • past
  • "have" past + pp
impf participle + "be" past
  • past
  • "used to" + inf
impf participle + "raha" present + "be" past
  • "be" past + ger
  • "will" present + inf
impf participle + "raha" future
  • "will be" + ger
  • "may" present + inf

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