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Hindi and Bengali for GSoC


  • Closed Categories (n, adj, vblex, vbser, adv, prn, post, cnjcoo, cnjsub, cnjadv, det, num, prn, ord).
  • nouns, post, adj, adv, det from hitparade list.
  • Hin > Ben transfer rules on nouns, verbs tenses and adj.
  • Testing scripts and test corpus.

Todo list

  • Add more words for nouns, adjectives and verbs from hitparade list.
  • Add transfer rules to fix pronoun #s (obj -> obl , nom -> nom, erg conversion)
  • Transfer rules for Pending Tests for Apertium-ben-hin (Ben > Hin and Hin > Ben).
  • Lift prox and dist tag via making a suitable paradigm for det (ইটা / ওটা)

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