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Apertium profile (we have to provide one)

Website URL


A free/open-source machine translation platform

Primary Open Source License

GNU General Public License version 3

Organization Category


Technology Tags

C++ python bash XML

Topic Tags

machine translation natural language processing less-resourced languages

Ideas List

Short Description

Long Description

Application Instructions

Proposal Tags

Chat, Mailing List, or Email


Mailing list:


Why does your org want to participate in Google Summer of Code?

How many potential mentors have agreed to mentor this year?

How will you keep mentors engaged with their students?

How will you help your students stay on schedule to complete their projects?

How will you get your students involved in your community during GSoC?

How will you keep students involved with your community after GSoC?

Has your org been accepted as a mentor org in Google Summer of Code before?

Yes: 2009-2014, 2016-2018

For each year your organization has participated, provide the counts of successful and total students.

2009: 8 pass out of 9 2010: 8 pass out of 9 2011: 9 pass out of 11 2012: 10 pass out of 11 2013: 10 pass out of 11 2014: 15 pass out of 16 2016: 11 pass out of 12 2017: 10 pass out of 12 2018: ???

What year was your project started?

2004 (first Google Summer of Code 2009)

Where does your source code live? (and some of it still in