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This is a page giving some details about Apertium in the Google Summer of Code (GSOC).

Current application

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  • Ideas for Google Summer of Code — A list of our ideas for possible projects for GSOC, if you have an idea that isn't on the list, but related to machine translation, natural language processing, computational linguistics or any combination of the above, then get in touch.
  • Top tips for GSOC applications — Some thoughts on how to write good applications for GSOC and Apertium.

Active projects

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Project Student Work plan Primary mentor Co-mentor(s) Reports [1,2,3]
Chukchi autoglosser Bas chkchn/wiki Fran
apertium-crh-tur Memduh Crimean Tatar and Turkish/Work plan Ilnar
Shallow syntactic function labeller Anya Workplan Fran Mikel
apertium-fao-nor Marina Workplan Kevin Fran, Trond
apertium-bel-rus, apertium-ukr-rus John Workplan Robert Reynolds Fran
Discontiguous multiwords Irene Workplan Mikel Fran, Jonathan
apertium-srd-cat Gianfranco Catalan and Sardinian/Work plan Hector
UD annotatrix maryszmary milestones Jonathan Fran
apertium-html-tools Monish Godhia Workplan Sushain Jonathan, Xavier
apertium-eng-cat Marc Riera Workplan Mikel Xavi, Adrià
Automatic blank handling Vinay Singh Progress Unhammer Tino Didriksen, Mikel

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