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| Website improvements || || || [[User:Firespeaker|Firespeaker]] || [[User:Unhammer|Unhammer]] || ||
| Website improvements || || || [[User:Firespeaker|Firespeaker]] || [[User:Unhammer|Unhammer]] || ||
| CG/tagger || [[User:Frankier|frankier]] || [[CG tagging hybrid and tagger improvements]] || [[User:Francis Tyers|Francis Tyers]] || [[User:Flammie|Flammie]], [[User:Mlforcada|Mlforcada]] || ||
| CG/tagger || [[User:Frankier|frankier]] || [[CG tagging hybrid and tagger improvements/Work plan]] || [[User:Francis Tyers|Francis Tyers]] || [[User:Flammie|Flammie]], [[User:Mlforcada|Mlforcada]] || ||
| Lint || || || [[User:Vin-ivar|Vin-ivar]] || || ||
| Lint || || || [[User:Vin-ivar|Vin-ivar]] || || ||

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This is a page giving some details about Apertium in the Google Summer of Code (GSOC).

Current application

See also

  • Ideas for Google Summer of Code — A list of our ideas for possible projects for GSOC, if you have an idea that isn't on the list, but related to machine translation, natural language processing, computational linguistics or any combination of the above, then get in touch.
  • Top tips for GSOC applications — Some thoughts on how to write good applications for GSOC and Apertium.

Active projects

Project Student Work plan Primary mentor Co-mentor(s) Midterm report
Weighted transfer vmsanchez Mlforcada, Francis Tyers, Flammie
Sicilian--Spanish uliana work plan xavivars Francis Tyers
Russian--Polish work plan Rob Reynolds Francis Tyers
Kazakh--English Aidana Aida
Russian--Belarusian kvld work plan Trondtr Francis Tyers
Website improvements Firespeaker Unhammer
CG/tagger frankier CG tagging hybrid and tagger improvements/Work plan Francis Tyers Flammie, Mlforcada
Lint Vin-ivar
Kurdish--English work plan Unhammer Francis Tyers
Blanks Mlforcada Unhammer
Gujarati--Hindi kartik Vin-ivar
Sardinian-Italian gfro3d work plan hectoralos Francis Tyers

Archived applications


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