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Things to be done or not depending on if we get time. Incorporates stuff in the feature request thing on SourceForge.

  • Unicode!!
  • .po -> .tmx convertor - please see po2tmx
  • A module that applies .tmx to a stream. (Turn TMX to .dix and compile?) — see tmx2dix
  • A webservice using SOAP or XML-RPC for apertium translations. (from friedel)
  • De-/re-formatter for LaTeX (but see traducíndote, Óscar seems to have code available, but in PHP; we would have to write an Apertium de-/re-formatter).
  • De-/re- formatter for Wiki code (as in Wikipedia formatting) (formatters can be specified in XML).
  • Would be nice to have python bindings for liblttoolbox and libapertium.
  • Translation quality evaluation -- with humans, not metrics. See the apertium-eval-translator package, and an alternative module in the project's SVN. Both compute the WER (word error rate) by comparing a raw Apertium translation and its postedited version.
  • Support for languages which prefix or infix inflection (currently only suffix inflection)

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