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;moving before the verb
;moving before the verb
* {{test|fo|Eg las aldri bókina|I never read the book.}}
* {{test|fo|Eg las aldri bókina|I never read the book.}}
===V2 rule===
* {{test|fo|Í dag fáa vit svar|Today we get an answer}}

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To run these tests, run the script regression-tests.sh from the matxin-fo-en language pair in Matxin SVN.

Note: currently the matxin deformatter adds periods to everything. So we have them in here for now so we at least can test...

See also Faroese and English/Pending tests

Noun phrases

  • (fo) Orð → Word.
  • (fo) Hundur → Dog.
  • (fo) Stórur hundur → Big dog.


  • (fo) Eg eri → I am.
  • (fo) Tú ert → You are.
  • (fo) Hann er → He is.
  • (fo) Vit eru → We are.
  • (fo) Tit eru → You are.
  • (fo) Teir eru → They are.
  • (fo) Tær eru → They are.


  • (fo) Hví? → Why?.
moving before the verb
  • (fo) Eg las aldri bókina → I never read the book.

V2 rule

  • (fo) Í dag fáa vit svar → Today we get an answer