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The problem

Problem managing conflict edits for monodix

There are more and more pairs, for examples 7 pairs with English and the monodix en is copied in every pair.

What happens if developper A and developper B edit both the en monodix, say in en-fr and en-es for example? Answer: another developper has to look on both version, look the diff and try to merge. Most of the time developper A tells developper to wait a few minutes or hours, then he commits and tells to developper B that he may now copy his version and starts working.

That is time consuming. For the near future it is manageable, since there are now only a half dozen developpers that regulary go on irc to solve these issue. But in the long-term, it would become harder and harder. Imagine if there are 20 or 50 pairs with English. Imagine that all developpers do not want to wait. There would be different monodix.


  • Language specific sections of monodix files.

Ideas to solve