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* [[Apertium and Constraint Grammar]] -- installation and use
* [[Apertium and Constraint Grammar]] -- installation and use
* [[Constructing a TSX file with a Constraint Grammar]]
==External links==
==External links==

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Constraint Grammar is a tool that can be used to POS-tag ambiguous text. There are free constraint grammars developed outside the Apertium project for: Norwegian (the Oslo-Bergen tagger), Sámi languages (from Giellatekno) and Faroese (also from Giellatekno).


See also: Apertium stream format
Apertium equivalent: ^words/word<n><pl>/word<vblex><pres><p3><sg>$
  • baseform — the lemma of a word.
  • reading — a single analysis of a word.
Apertium equivalent: ^word<n><pl>$

Languages using CG in Apertium

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