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* [http://ru.corpus.chv.su/ Bilingual corpus chv-rus]
* [http://chuvash.org chuvash.org]
* [http://chuvash.org chuvash.org]
* [http://cv.wikipedia.org cv.wikipedia.org]
* [http://cv.wikipedia.org cv.wikipedia.org]

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To keep in mind

  • A symbol that forces enforces a certain vowel harmony. Perhaps some kind of 'harmony' boundary which is separate from 'morpheme boundary'. Consider the following cases:
    • Acronyms, which harmonise as if they were spoken out.
    • Foreign words, which harmonise by default in a particular way regardless of stem vowels.
    • Words which change harmony half way through, or have elided vowels/morphemes which change harmony but can't be seen on the surface.
  • Be prepared for irregular/override forms (eg. causatives/passives/plurals)