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These by-laws need to be amended for two purposes:

  1. The procedures, terms, etc. need to change to reflect the migration to GitHub.
  2. Some items are ambiguous or unclear and need to be better worded.

Specific things to do:

  • Revamp the Developers, Committers, and PMC sections to reflect the GitHub structure
    • rename: Outside Collaborators, Organization Members, Organization Owners
    • what is a 'repository'?
    • permissions and responsibilities (N.B. voting rights to Members)
    • how someone becomes a Outside Collaborator or a Organization Member
  • Add the concept of 'package maintainers':
    • who they are (repository admins)
    • how they are established, disestablished, and who does their job if they don't exist
    • their permissions and responsibilities (N.B. releases)
  • Add the concept of 'teams' and 'team maintainers':
    • how they are established and disestablished
    • their permissions and responsibilities
  • (optional, maybe not right now) Make the election wording less ambiguous