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Bugzilla is a widely used bug tracking/reporting system. Apertium has a bugzilla installation here. Please feel to report your bug in any language you are comfortable with.

Reporting a bug in the engine

If you find a bug in the engine, for example a segfault, or a malprocessing of text, please try and make the bug report as specific as possible. So if it happens in a phrase or a sentence, try and reduce the phrase until you find the exact part that is causing the error. This is not always possible, but in general, the less input text the better.

Furthermore, please try and identify the module in which the error is happening. If you aren't sure how to do this, please come on irc and someone will assist you.

Reporting a bug with a language pair

Mostly bugzilla is used for software which can ostensibly at any moment not have any bugs. Machine translation is different, our language pairs will always have bugs, often quite gaping ones. So, in order to not be inundated, take heed of the following (incomplete) advice:

Do not
  • Do not report bugs which you can easily fix. For example, if the translation of "house boat" is wrong, instead of reporting a bug saying "Translation of 'house boat' wrong in apertium-en-ca", either fix it yourself, or email the fix to the language pair maintainer to fix.
  • Do not report feature requests. These should be saved for the TODO list. Do not report bugs on items which are in the TODO list. For example, if "Fix personal pronouns" is in the TODO list, do not report bugs about personal pronouns.
  • Do report bugs which effect the whole pair. For example, if we can analyse, but not generate ijekavian forms of words in Serbo-Croatian, and we should be able to generate these forms.
  • Do report bugs which are marked as fixed in a TODO file. For example if attributive/predicative adjective forms are not working in Afrikaans and they are marked as fixed, submit a bug!
  • Read the bug reporting guidelines.