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'''Note: currently our bugzilla installation is down; we're using https://sourceforge.net/p/apertium/tickets/ in the meanwhile'''
'''Note: currently our bugzilla installation is down; we're using https://sourceforge.net/p/apertium/tickets/ in the meanwhile'''

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This page is out of date as a result of the migration to GitHub. Please update this page with new documentation and remove this warning. If you are unsure how to proceed, please contact the GitHub migration team.

Note: currently our bugzilla installation is down; we're using https://sourceforge.net/p/apertium/tickets/ in the meanwhile

"Backup" of the old bugs[edit]

found these in my feed reader:

Bug # Subject Opened Assignee Priority Severity
143 Apertium.org should include virtual keyboard 2013-08-28 Wynand Winterbach P5 enhancement
142 apertium-preprocess-transfer doesn't allow DOCTYPE declaration. 2013-01-16 Francis Tyers P5 trivial
141 Apertium Spanish-English translator gives an empty translation for "se" 2012-10-31 Mireia Ginesti P5 minor
140 apertium-transfer -b outputs tl tag when asked for sl tag if sl tag empty 2012-10-16 Francis Tyers P5 enhancement
139 DESTDIR and modesdir creation sweep 2012-10-10 Francis Tyers P5 enhancement
138 patch apertium-unformat.1: Some corrections to the manual (groff warnings) 2012-09-19 Francis Tyers P5 minor
137 apertium-transfer.1: minor corrections to the manual (groff warnings) 2012-09-19 Francis Tyers P5 minor
136 *-preprocess-transfer.1: Minor corrections to the manual (groff warnings) 2012-09-19 Francis Tyers P5 minor
135 apertium-multiple-translations.1: Warnings from groff for the manual 2012-09-18 Francis Tyers P5 minor
134 does not compile with clang due to variable length arrays 2012-08-22 Francis Tyers P5 minor
133 apertium-transfer can match def-attrs case insensitively 2012-03-28 Francis Tyers P5 enhancement
132 superfluous space inserted after a superblank containing a space if preceding word could've had a mwe analysis 2012-03-22 Sergio Ortiz P5 normal
130 derived forms of places change case of first letter 2011-08-13 Francis Tyers P4 enhancement
126 translation of ki (add tests) 2011-08-08 gantu P3 enhancement
120 Fix remaining transducer issues for Kyrgyz 2011-07-20 Jonathan P5 normal
111 tr-ky contrastive eval 2011-07-15 gantu P3 enhancement
119 ky twol: px3+accusative problem 2011-07-15 Jonathan P1 normal
118 DET-ITG problem 2011-07-15 Jonathan P3 major
117 make ky lexc and twol recursive 2011-07-15 Jonathan P5 enhancement
114 Twolc python library 2011-07-15 Jonathan P3 minor
113 Feed parser & scraper 2011-07-15 Jonathan P4 enhancement
108 The null character makes lt-proc exit (if not given -z) 2011-01-26 Sergio Ortiz P5 normal
105 apertium-preprocess-transfer should warn if two rules share a pattern 2010-07-06 Francis Tyers P5 enhancement
101 apertium-retxt gives SIGABRT 2009-08-29 Francis Tyers P5 normal
104 dix files with empty lhs's in pardefs give spurious analyses instead of error 2010-04-19 Sergio Ortiz P5 minor
103 /dev/stdout isn't always writable 2010-01-03 Francis Tyers P1 blocker
69 HTML tags are applied to the wrong words 2008-05-13 Mireia Ginesti P2 normal
99 Deformatters under Windows and removing tmpnam warning 2009-08-04 Sergio Ortiz P5 enhancement
94 after analysis in en-eo, a blank is output too soon 2009-04-26 Sergio Ortiz P5 minor
92 post-gen gobbles up ~ character 2009-03-09 Sergio Ortiz P5 enhancement
85 std::exception in en-ca.autogen.bin 2008-11-13 Sergio Ortiz P4 minor
83 ODT has problems with soft hyphen 2008-10-07 Sergio Ortiz P5 minor
82 Macro 'gen_nbr_determinante' does not seem to be invoked 2008-10-06 Mireia Ginesti P5 enhancement
81 Case change doesn't work in interrogative sentences 2008-10-06 Jacob Nordfalk P5 enhancement
76 Security issue in temporary files with apertium scripts 2008-08-27 Francis Tyers P5 normal
71 Some taggers eat up numbers 2008-06-04 Felipe Sánchez Martínez P5 major
66 La paraula "The" genera un bot de línia 2008-04-15 Gema Ramírez Sánchez P2 normal
68 tinylex sticks on 'loading configuration' 2008-05-09 Enrique Benimeli P2 normal
44 apertium script fails with dash 2007-12-10 Francis Tyers P2 trivial
64 Apertium-tolk should give proper warning when no linguistic data is installed 2008-03-31 Wynand Winterbach P2 normal
53 apertium-desrtf no encapsula bien las marcas rtf 2008-01-22 Francis Tyers P2 normal
36 determine charset in deformatters 2007-11-14 Francis Tyers P2 enhancement
31 Version header for binary files 2007-10-28 Sergio Ortiz P5 enhancement
18 Opción en el tagger para cambiar el mapeo de etiquetas finas a gruesas 2007-10-01 Sergio Ortiz P2 enhancement


Bugzilla is a widely used bug tracking/reporting system. Apertium has a bugzilla installation here. Please feel to report your bug in any language you are comfortable with.

Reporting a bug in the engine[edit]

If you find a bug in the engine, for example a segfault, or a malprocessing of text, please try and make the bug report as specific as possible. So if it happens in a phrase or a sentence, try and reduce the phrase until you find the exact part that is causing the error. This is not always possible, but in general, the less input text the better.

For example, if there is an error when you try and translate the phrase:

"The big black cat sat on the small brown rat"

First try "The big black cat", if that works, try "The big black cat sat", etc. Just chop and change the phrase or sentence until you manage to find the smallest possible amount of text that causes the bug. This will help the developers to hone in on the problem area more rapidly.

Please try and include the following information:

  • The versions of both apertium and lttoolbox,
  • If you compiled from source, or are using a package
  • If you compiled from source, include the version of the compiler (gcc --version), and of the C++ library (ls /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.*)
  • The versions of libxml2-dev and libpcre3-dev (ls /usr/lib/libpcre* /usr/lib/libxml*)
  • Any more information you think relevant.

Furthermore, please try and identify the module in which the error is happening. If you aren't sure how to do this, please come on irc and someone will assist you.

Reporting a bug with a language pair[edit]

Mostly bugzilla is used for software which can ostensibly, at any moment, not have any bugs. Machine translation is different, our language pairs will always have bugs, often quite gaping ones. So, in order to not be inundated, take heed of the following (incomplete) advice:

Do not
  • Do not report bugs which you can easily fix. For example, if the translation of "house boat" is wrong, instead of reporting a bug saying "Translation of 'house boat' wrong in apertium-en-ca", either fix it yourself, or email the fix to the language pair maintainer to fix.
  • Do not report feature requests. These should be saved for the TODO list. Do not report bugs on items which are in the TODO list. For example, if "Fix personal pronouns" is in the TODO list, do not report bugs about personal pronouns.
  • Do report bugs which effect the whole pair. For example, if we can analyse, but not generate ijekavian forms of words in Serbo-Croatian, and we should be able to generate these forms.
  • Do report bugs which are marked as fixed in a TODO file. For example if attributive/predicative adjective forms are not working in Afrikaans and they are marked as fixed, submit a bug!
  • Read the bug reporting guidelines.

Submitting a patch[edit]

If you have a patch that fixes a bug in SVN, please feel free to attach it to the bug report and one of the developers will look over it as soon as possible. To create a patch use:

$ svn diff -r HEAD

Or something to this effect.