Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian and Slovenian/TODOs for the article

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a) Intro

    • write blurb on western-slavic languages
    • do some kind of venn diagram if you are bored an have nothing better to do
  • work on disambiguation examples for both sl and sh
  • work on lexical selection examples for the same

<spectie> --- here give examples of dialectal differences (borza - burza - berza) <spectie> --- and polysemy differences (if you can come up with any) <spectie> --- maybe make LRX rules for the differences described on the wikipedia page

  • transfer, and transfer examples in both directions
    • evaluation
    • measure the number of rules / entries etc. and also their coverage (write this section now, and then put in the numbers just before the deadline
    • quality evaluation
    • with postedition WER
  • conclusions / future work