Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian and Macedonian

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Testing framework
  • Set up pending/regression tests framework
  • Set testvoc
  • Set up corpus/generation-test
Serbo-Croatian dictionary

Adjectives: The animacy when crossed with definiteness gives a lot of double entries. Since some of the cases (G, D/L,I singular, and D/L/I plural for instance) do not specifically mark a gender, I have removed the animacy in those cases and in accord marked them "mn", or "mfn".

  • Idea: unify the D/L/I plural into one case, and D/L singular into one case, since they are always morphologically identical.
    • The paradigms entered would be more concise
    • Would complicate matters with future translation pairs with an other slavic languages, i.e. Slovene
    • If incorporating dialect words into the dictionary (i.e. kajkavian or čakavian), the separate markers for cases would have to be used
  • Add the paradigms from the grammar of Croatian (the one by Barić, Lončarić, Malić, Pavešić, Peti, Zečević, Znika) to the sh monodix [in progress]
    • nouns (masculine, feminine, neuter)
    • adjectives (the definite and indefinite form paradigms)
    • verbs
  • Add the personal clitic and non-clitic pronouns, add the reflexive clitic and non-clitic pronouns, possesive, interrogative, relational, demonstrative (pronoun, and demonstrative adjective), indefinite, negative ...
  • Add the clitic form of the verb to be, the long present form, other tenses auxilliary verbs
  • Obtain a grammar of Serbian, for reference on differences
Macedonian dictionary
  • Add determiner forms for some pronouns (e.g demonstratives, possessives, etc.) -- things that can modify nouns
Bilingual dictionary
  • Update the pronoun entries, the symbols in the monodix have been adjusted to correspond more closely to the analysis in the macedonian monodix
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