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| <code>apertium-xxx.xxx.rlx</code>
| <code>apertium-xxx.xxx.rlx</code>
| <code>xxx-yyy-disam</code>, <code>xxx-disam</code>
| <code>xxx-yyy-disam</code>, <code>xxx-disam</code>
| [[Constraint grammar]]
| [[Constraint Grammar]]
! discontiguous multiword processing
! discontiguous multiword processing

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The pipeline

Apertium system architecture.png

The stages

Linguistic data

stage introduced filenames mode documentation
morphological tagger 2004 xxx-yyy-tagger, xxx-tagger
morphological analysis 2004 apertium-xxx.xxx.lexc and
apertium-xxx.xxx.twol and
OR apertium-xxx.xxx.dix
xxx-yyy-morph, xxx-morph
morphological disambiguation 2004, 2008 apertium-xxx.xxx.rlx xxx-yyy-disam, xxx-disam Constraint Grammar
discontiguous multiword processing 2017, in progress Lsx module
lexical transfer 2004 apertium-xxx-yyy.xxx-yyy.dix
lexical selection 2012 apertium-xxx-yyy.xxx-yyy.lrx
structural transfer
chunker apertium-xxx-yyy.xxx-yyy.t1x
interchunk apertium-xxx-yyy.xxx-yyy.t2x
postchunk apertium-xxx-yyy.xxx-yyy.t3x
morphological generation 2004 apertium-yyy.yyy.lexc and
apertium-yyy.yyy.twol and
OR apertium-yyy.yyy.dix
post-generation 2004


deformatter, reformatter

Example translation at each stage

See also