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For using Apertium as a service you should use:

  • apertium-apy, see Apy, a multiprocess Python 3 tornado http server, starting apertium language pairs as new processes

There are also two legacy Apertium service implementations both of which need maintenance:

  • apertium-service, see Apertium-service, a multithreaded C++ XML-RPC/REST/SOAP server, using apertium as a library
  • ScaleMT, see ScaleMT, a multiprocess Java XML-RPC/REST server, starting apertium language pairs as new processes

If you want to run a translation server yourself, just install some language pairs and run Apy, it's pretty simple. Or, if you're lazy, you can use our server, more info at Apy.

Applications which use the Apertium service include Virtaal, Okapi, OmegaT, begiak, Wikipedia's Content Translation (running on their own servers) …

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