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This page was written by Jatin Luthra, a 2015 Google Code-in student, which explains how to install Apertium on Maegia

Add Media Sources[edit]

  • To add sources, Goto Menu > Tools > System Tools > Mageia Control Center
  • Click on Configure media sources for install and update
  • Click on Add button.
  • Mageia will automatically add sources.
  • Close it.

Change the user[edit]

To change the user to root, type


Update the Package List[edit]

To install the packages, first packages list should be updated. To install, open the terminal and type

urpmi.update -a

Install Dependencies[edit]

urpmi make gcc gcc-c++ libxml2-devel libpcreposix-devel libpcrecpp-devel subversion pkgconfig automake flex libtool xsltproc

Compiling and Installing Apertium[edit]

Now you can move on to Installation#For those who want to install Apertium locally, and developers.