Apertium on Mageia

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This page was written by Jatin Luthra, a 2015 Google Code-in student, which explains how to install Apertium on Maegia

Add Media Sources

  • To add sources, Goto Menu > Tools > System Tools > Mageia Control Center
  • Click on Configure media sources for install and update
  • Click on Add button.
  • Mageia will automatically add sources.
  • Close it.

Change the user

To change the user to root, type


Update the Package List

To install the packages, first packages list should be updated. To install, open the terminal and type

urpmi.update -a

Install Dependencies

urpmi make gcc gcc-c++ libxml2-devel libpcreposix-devel libpcrecpp-devel subversion pkgconfig automake flex libtool xsltproc

Compiling and Installing Apertium

Now you can move on to Minimal installation from SVN.