Apertium on Mac OS X (System)

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Are you sure this is the page you want?
If not, you probably actually want Apertium_on_Mac_OS_X
If you're here because the instructions on that page didn't work for you, log on to IRC and describe what went wrong.

You can run install-release.sh or install-nightly.sh to install the latest compiled version of apertium, lttoolbox, vislcg3 and HFST – that way you don't have to check out, build and install these by hand. You will still need gawk, git, autoconf, automake, pkgconfig from MacPorts.

These instructions will help you install Apertium on a system running Mac OS X. You can use this page if you have root access to your system. Otherwise (or if you don't want to install as root), follow Apertium on Mac OS X (Local).

The procedure[edit]

  1. Install the Prerequisites for Mac OS X.
  2. Follow Install Apertium core by compiling, and disregard the stuff about prefixes.
  3. See Installation_troubleshooting if you have problems.

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