Apertium on Alpine Linux

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This page was written by Jatin Luthra, a 2016 Google Code-in student, which explains how to install Apertium on Alpine Linux

Update the Package List

To install the packages, first packages list should be updated. To install, open the terminal and type

apk update

Install Dependencies

For Standard Apertium Translation

apk add make gcc g++ subversion autoconf automake libtool flex pcre pcre-dev libpcrecpp libxml2 libxml2-utils libxslt libxslt-dev

If you need vislcg3/cg-proc/cg-comp (Constraint Grammar), you should also do:

apk add cmake icu-dev boost-dev gperf iperf gawk zlib-dev

Compiling and Installing Apertium

Now you can move on to Minimal_installation_from_SVN.