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: anyone got a solution?
: anyone got a solution?
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As the name implies, the Simpleton UI is not a very smart interface, but it can run translations which should be enough for most people.

Simpleton lets you download language packages and translate from a graphical interface on Windows and Mac, no terminal knowledge needed.

Apertium Simpleton on Windows
Apertium Simpleton on Mac

Known bugs

  • The last word may get cut off. If that happens, just add a . to the end.


The Windows build should work on Vista and newer.

Mac OS X

The OS X build is targeted at OS X 10.7 64bit, but I don't have an OS X older than 10.10 to test on. It is 64bit only, but so is almost everything else on OS X, so shouldn't be a problem to anyone.


dyld:  Library not loaded: libcg3.0.dylib   
Referenced from:   /Users/guest/Library/Application Support/Tino Didriksen Consult/Apertium/apertium-all-dev/bin/cg-
anyone got a solution?