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(Created page with 'stems: <section begin=stems />8,564<section end=stems /><br /> average: ~<section begin=average />{{:Apertium-kir/stats/average}}<section end=average />%<br /><br /> azattyk2010…')
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bible-coverage: ~<section begin=bible-coverage />89.3<section end=bible-coverage />%<br /><br />
bible-coverage: ~<section begin=bible-coverage />89.3<section end=bible-coverage />%<br /><br />
wp2011to04-words: <section begin=wp2011to04-words />545K<section end=wp2011to04-words /><br />
wp2011/04-words: <section begin=wp2011/04-words />545K<section end=wp2011/04-words /><br />
wp2011to04-coverage: ~<section begin=wp2011to04-coverage />84.4<section end=wp2011to04-coverage />%
wp2011/04-coverage: ~<section begin=wp2011/04-coverage />84.4<section end=wp2011/04-coverage />%

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stems: 8,564
average: ~87.3%

azattyk2010-words: 3.4M
azattyk2010-coverage: ~88%

azattyk2009-words: 4.1M
azattyk2009-coverage: ~87.4%

bible-words: 174K
bible-coverage: ~89.3%

wp2011/04-words: 545K
wp2011/04-coverage: ~84.4%