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Kymorph is a morphological analyser/generator for the Kyrgyz language, currently working. It is intended to be compatible with transducers for other Turkic languages so that they can be translated between.


kymorph is currently located in tr-ky.

Dependency tree

  • apertium-tr-ky
    • apertium-tr-az
      • apertium
        • lttoolbox
      • VISL CG3
        • cmake
        • libicu-dev
        • tmalloc (libgoogle-perftools-dev)
          • libtcmalloc-minimal0
          • libgoogle-perftools0
        • boost
      • trmorph
        • hfst (≥r1559 for kymorph)
          • openfst
          • sfst
          • foma
      • azmorph

Current State