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==See also==
==See also==
* [[How to bootstrap a new pair]] – tutorial on how to use apertium-init.py
* [[Writing Makefiles]]
* [[Writing Makefiles]]

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apertium-init is a python script to bootstrap a new language data module. It can create monolingual modules or pairs, using hfst or lttoolbox, with or without apertium-tagger or CG files. It creates fully working Makefiles and stub language data, so you can compile and test straight away. If you're in an svn (or git) repository, it'll even "svn add" (or "git add") the right files for you.

Download the script from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/goavki/bootstrap/master/apertium-init.py and run it as explained on https://github.com/goavki/bootstrap

See also