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Run with t/update-latest and then check svn diff t to compare against previous test results (or read t/latest-regression.results). Note that the script adds a period to the end of all lines that are not terminated by punctuation.

See also Pending tests.

English → German

Noun phrases
  • (eng) cat, dog, house → Katze, Hund, Haus
  • (eng) the cat, the dog, the house → die Katze, der Hund, das Haus
  • (eng) a cat, a dog, a house → eine Katze, ein Hund, ein Haus
  • (eng) cats, dogs, houses → Katzen, Hunde, Häuser
  • (eng) the cats, the dogs, the houses → die Katzen, die Hunde, die Häuser
  • (eng) the black cat, the brown dog, the big house → die schwarze Katze, der braune Hund, das große Haus
  • (eng) my cat, his cat, her cat, our cat → meine Katze, seine Katze, ihre Katze, unsere Katze
  • (eng) my house, his house, her house, our house → mein Haus, sein Haus, ihr Haus, unser Haus