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Yiddish morphology

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[edit] Verbs

[edit] Compound verbs

  • inf: lib hobn ליב האָבן
    • past participle: lib gehat
    • past tense: hob/host/etc. lib gehat (with prn.acc: hob/host/etc. es lib gehat)
    • future: veln/vel/vest/etc. lib hobn (with prn.acc: veln/vel/vest/etc. es lib hobn)
    • pres.p1.sg: hob lib (with prn.acc: hob es lib)
    • pres.p2.sg: host lib (with prn.acc: host es lib)
  • inf: a kuk ton אַ קוק טאָן
    • past participle: a kuk geton
    • past tense: hob/host/etc. a kuk geton (with prn.acc: hob/host/etc. es a kuk geton)
    • future: veln/vel/vest/etc. a kuk ton (with prn.acc: veln/vel/vest/etc. es a kuk ton)
    • pres.p1.sg: tu a kuk
    • pres.p1.sg: tust a kuk
  • inf: moyre hobn מורא האָבן

[edit] Separable prefix verbs

  • inf: aroysredn
    • past participle: aroysgeredt
    • past tense: hob/host/etc. aroysgeredt (with prn.acc: hob/host/etc. es aroysgeredt)
    • future: veln/vel/vest/etc. aroysredn (with prn.acc: veln/vel/vest/etc. es aroysredn)
    • pres.p1.sg: red aroys (with prn.acc: red es aroys)
    • pres.p2.sg: redst aroys (with prn.acc: redst es aroys)

[edit] Inseparable prefix verbs

  • inf: cebrexn
    • past participle: cebroxn
    • past tense: hob/host/etc. cebroxn (with prn.acc: hob/host/etc. es cebroxn)
    • future: veln/vel/vest/etc. cebrexn (with prn.acc: veln/vel/vest/etc. es cebrexn)
    • pres.p1.sg: cebrex
    • pres.p1.sg: cebrexst
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