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I am Youssef Oualmakran. I have a four-year degree in translation French-English and French-Spanish. In 2006-2007 I taught Dutch. In 2007 I taught also English. I am also a power industrial engineer.

2012-2013. Currently, I am studing the use of case based reasoning (CBR) for power restoration in smart grids. I aslo studying Arabic and Russian, as attending German classes in Girona.

I would like to learn more about:

  • languages (see below)
  • programming: C++, Python
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • linguistics

I am a mentor for the Google Code In 2012 (see user:youssefsan/GCI 2012). On this Wiki, I am a sysop (administrator) since December 2012. You can contact me on my talk page, on IRC (when I am connected), or by email.

I used to work on the Dutch-French pair. You can email me at <youssefsan@gmail.com>.

More about me on http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utilisateur:Youssefsan


[edit] Languages

Interests in:

[edit] Links

[edit] New todo

File:Monodix.png fix it. Paradigms are missing and other possible errors.

[edit] Less urgent todo



  • fr-ca. "Traduction en catalan" --> "Traducció en català" when it should have been "al" instead of "en català"


Have a look at:

Google Summer of Code:

[edit] Language books




[edit] English

  • aluminium also spelled aluminum
  • polysemic English words: No = negation ; = symbol of Nobelium

[edit] Spanish-French

Missing words in Spanish

  • copiar (= «copier»)


  • servidor (= «serviteur» or «serveur»)

[edit] Test

Bonjour. Je suis Youssef Oualmakran, diplômé en traduction. J'étudie actuellement à Bruxelles en Belgique. Je vais vous écrire un petit test pour Apertium, un logiciel de traduction automatique. Ce logiciel est sous licence libre. Si vous avez des questions vous pouvez me contacter par courrier électronique. Bonne journée.

[edit] TODO

  • Update Apertium article on fr:, make a new article in nl:
    • See if there are other outdated articles, or missing articles
  • improve the article machine translation on fr:
  • Update the article on Framasoft
  • Write an article in French Linux magazines

[edit] Notes

For xml linguistics data, Apertium uses DTD + xmllint from libxml2-utils

[edit] Links

To edit the text of Recent change

See also

[edit] Links

[edit] Test

[edit] Linguistics

[edit] Promotion

[edit] other tools

[edit] Todo

[edit] Apertium Bugzilla

[edit] Dutch

[edit] Languages stats

Polish, Japanese and Italian are languages in Wikipedia top10 still missing for Apertium

[edit] Irish

[edit] NL

[edit] Linguistics

[edit] Mapundgun (Chile)

[edit] Mexico

[edit] Po

[edit] Esperanto

http://e-d-e.org/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=14&lang=fr Contact

[edit] Occitan

[edit] Neo normand

[edit] XML

[edit] XQuery

[edit] Spanish

[edit] German

[edit] Spell checker

[edit] Cree

[edit] Php/java

[edit] Irc tips

  • /msg nickserv ghost youssef password

[edit] Ant

[edit] Translation projects

[edit] Misc

[edit] Speech synthesis

[edit] Firefox plugin

[edit] Language tools

[edit] MT general

  • mt-archive.info

[edit] Translation memory

[edit] Euroweek

[edit] Language skills problems

[edit] Catalan

[edit] Spanish

[edit] German

[edit] MT errors

[edit] Language learning

[edit] Multilingual wiki

[edit] Free interfaces on Ubuntu

  • Freespeak
  • Youtranslate
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