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[edit] Contact Information

Name: Ngadou Yopa Sylvestre Ronald

Display name: Ngadou Yopa

Location: Malingo Street, Buea, Cameroon

E-mail: yopasylvestre@gmail.com (mathalpha26@gmail.com)

IRC: math-alpha (m-alpha)

GitHub: math-alpha

Gitlab: mathematic-alpha

Telegram: @ngadou

Website: http://ngadou.me/portfolio

Time Zone: UTC +1:00 (Central Africa)

School/Degree: B.Eng. in Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Buea, Cameroon Expected Graduation Year: December 2021

[edit] Introduction

Hi I am Ngadou an i am passionate about technology and culture in general. I love humanities, art, opening to the world so as to share and learn.

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