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Turkish and Kyrgyz/Transfer

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[edit] Current setup

t1x t2x t3x t4x t5x t6x
transfer transfer chunker interchunk postchunk transfer
collapse copula compound tenses chunking verb valency insert postpositions joining clitics

[edit] Simple tag mappings

  • ger_pabs → ger_past
(tur) gitmişimi → барганымды
^git<v><iv><ger_pabs><px1sg><acc>$ → ^бар<v><iv><ger_past><px1sg><acc>$
  • gna_when → ger_past.loc
(tur) gidince → барганда
^git<v><iv><gna_when>$ → ^бар<v><iv><ger_past><loc>$

[edit] Collapsing copula

  • aor+cop.ifi → pcond
(tur) Çekerdim → Тартмакмын
^çek<v><tv><aor>$ ^i<cop><ifi><p1><sg>$ → ^тарт<v><tv><pcond><p1><sg>$

[edit] Complex verb stuff: vol

  • prc "iste" → prc_vol "кел"
(tur) görmek istedim → көргүм келди
^gör<v><tv><prc>$ ^iste<v><tv><ifi><p1><sg>$ → ^көр<v><tv><prc_vol><p1><sg>$ ^кел<vaux><iv><ifi><p3><sg>$
(tur) görmek istemiyorum → көргүм келбей жатат
^gör<v><tv><prc>$ ^iste<v><tv><neg><prog>$ ^i<cop><aor><p1><sg>$ → ^көр<v><tv><prc_vol><p1><sg>$ ^кел<vaux><iv><neg><prc_perf>$ ^жат<vaux><aor><p3><sg>$
(tur) görmemek istiyorum → көргүм келбей жатат
^gör<v><tv><neg><prc>$ ^iste<v><tv><prog>$ ^i<cop><aor><p1><sg>$ → ^көр<v><tv><prc_vol><p1><sg>$ ^кел<vaux><iv><neg><prc_perf>$ ^жат<vaux><aor><p3><sg>$

[edit] Notes

  • person agreement from "iste" to after prc_vol
  • negative from prc to "iste"
  • tense etc. stays on "кел", other transfer takes care of it

[edit] Complex verb stuff: prog

  • prog+cop → prc_perf жат.vaux
(tur) Ben gidiyordum. → Мен кетип жаттым.
(tur) Ben gidiyormuşum. → Мен кетип жатканмын
(tur) Ben gidiyorsam. → Мен кетип жатсам.

[edit] Notes

  • all tense and person markers after cop stay there after жат.vaux
  • the tags that follow жат.vaux will need regular mapping

[edit] Complex verb stuff: abil

  • abil → prc_impf ал
(tur) gidebilirim → бара алам.
(tur) gidebildim → бара алганмын.
(tur) gidemem → бара албайм.
(tur) gidemezsem → бара албасам

[edit] Joining clitics

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