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Sinhala is an Indic language. It is the most commonly spoken language in Sri Lanka.

Language Pairs si-en si-ta

[edit] Examples

  • I see the ball
  • මම බෝලය දකිමි
  • mama-bōlaya-dhakimi
  • (I-the ball-see)
  • You see the ball
  • ඔබ බෝලය දකියි
  • oba-bōlaya-dhakiyi
  • (You-the ball-see)
  • He sees the ball
  • ඔහු බෝලය දකියි
  • Ohu-bōlaya-dhakiyi
  • (He-the ball-see)
  • I kick the ball to the girl
  • මම ගැහැණු ළමයාට බෝලය ගසමි
  • mama-gähänu-lamayāta-bōlaya-gasami
  • (I-female-child(to)(the)-the ball-kick)
  • You kick the ball to the girl
  • ඔබ ගැහැණු ළමයාට බෝලය ගසයි
  • oba-gähänu-lamayāta-bōlaya-gasayi
  • (You-female-child(to)(the)-the ball-kick)
  • He kicks the ball to the girl
  • ඔහු ගැහැණු ළමයාට බෝලය ගසයි
  • ohu-gähänu-lamayāta-bōlaya-gasayi
  • (He-female-child(to)(the)-the ball-kick)
  • I saw the ball
  • මම බෝලය දුටුවෙම්
  • mama-bōlaya-dhutuvemi
  • (I-the ball-saw)
  • You saw the ball
  • ඔබ බෝලය දුටුවා
  • oba-bōlaya-dhutuva
  • (You-the ball-saw)
  • He saw the ball
  • ඔහු-බෝලය-දුටුවේය
  • ohu-bōlaya-dhutuvēya
  • (He-the ball-saw)
  • I will see the ball
  • මම බෝලය දකින්නෙමි
  • mama-bōlaya-dhakinnemi
  • (I-the ball-will see)
  • You will see the ball
  • ඔබ බෝලය දකිනු ඇත
  • oba-bōlaya-dhakinu ätha
  • (you-the ball-will see)
  • He will see the ball
  • ඔහු බෝලය දකිනු ඇත
  • ohu-bōlaya-dhakinu ätha
  • (He-the ball-will see)
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