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PMC proposals/Apertium membership in EAMT

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[edit] 2010/03/20: Apertium membership in EAMT

Proposal passed.

Note: This decision was taken by the provisional PMC, but was upheld by the current PMC. This page serves to record the decision.

[edit] Summary

If Apertium has 110 euros in the accounts where mentors last year left their Google Summer of Code monies, I would propose that Apertium should sign up as a corporate member of the European Association for Machine Translation (www.EAMT.org, "corporate members" tag), of which I happen to be the secretary. In exchange, Apertium would have a profile in that web, which is mainly visited by researchers in EAMT, but not only. Currently the EAMT has about 8 corporate members, but only two profiles appear there.

By the way, European, Middle-Eastern and North-African MT researchers, developers or users may become members of EAMT. Students pay only €10 a year. This makes it very cheap to go to some MT conferences, for instance. The EAMT is a small association, and a good proportion of free/open-source advocates could be very helpful in the General Assembly, etc.

If not, I am ready to sign Apertium up out of my own pocket and accept donations from whoever thinks this is interesting.

The deadline to become a 2010 member is March 31, 2010.

Proposed by: mlforcada

Seconded by: fsanchez

[edit] In detail

[edit] Caveats

[edit] Comments

  • It's my impression that we were all aware that this was an annual membership, though I don't see any reflection of that in the thread. Should we add a note here to that effect? Also, the price of membership has increased by five euros. I think that should be mentioned somewhere. -- Jimregan 15:47, 3 February 2012 (UTC)

[edit] Voting

Voting took place on the PMC mailing list; this page merely records the decision.

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