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PMC Proposals/Accept donations through Sourceforge

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[edit] 2011/07/19 #3: Accept donations through Sourceforge

Proposal expired, please do not modify.

[edit] Summary

In addition to accepting donations through Paypal, we propose to use Sourceforge's mechanism to do so. As we currently use other services provided by Sourceforge, it would make sense to also use this service, which would also make it easier for potential donators to locate us.

Proposed by: User:Gramirez

Seconded by: User:Jimregan

[edit] In detail

[edit] Caveats

The use of Sourceforge's donation system requires a Paypal account, this matter is dependent on accepting donations through Paypal.

All administrators of the project on Sourceforge are required to opt-in to the system for the project to use it; the vote must be unanimous.

All administrators aside from the proposer are members of the PMC, this page is intended to inform other members of the project about the decision and its outcome, rather than to be a vote in itself; that is, the act of opting in shall be considered the vote, this page will merely reflect the outcome.

[edit] Comments

[edit] Voting

Voting will take place through the use of Sourceforge's Donations interface; the outcome shall be presented here.

[edit] Agree

[edit] Disagree

[edit] Abstain

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