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Mongolian/Noun paradigms

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гар N-INFL                   ! "hand"

багш N-INFL-IRREG-PL         ! "teacher"
багш:багш% нар N-INFL-PL

нохой N-INFL-IRREG-PL        ! "dog"
нохой:нохойнууд N-INFL-PL

үзэсгэлэн N-INFL-NG          ! "exhibit"

шашин N-INFL                 ! "religion"

амьтан N-INFL-IRREG-PL       ! "animal"
амьтан:амьтад N-INFL-PL

дуу N-INFL-N                 ! "song"

мод N-INFL-N-IRREG-PL        ! "tree"
мод:модод N-INFL-PL

толгой N-INFL-N-ABL-PL       ! "head"

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