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Ideas for Google Summer of Code/Interface for creating tagged corpora

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There is a need in Apertium for most released pairs and the ones to come: better part-of-speech (POS) taggers. In my experience, training supervised taggers has never been a waste of time but all the opposite: at the same time we have quality improvement and we are creating unvaluable linguistic resources such as disambiguated tagged corpora.

[edit] Tasks

  • Making an interface where you can load a raw text of, say, 30.000 words or (optional) create a corpus or X size for a given language from Wikipedia
  • The interface should be able to take a non-disambiguated tagged corpus and be able to disambiguate it manually
  • It should also have a user-friendly system for improving the TSX file (refine coarse tags, write rules)
  • And, a user-friendly interface to train a supervised tagger
  • Also, some way to evaluate performance of a .prob file
  • Including a way to incorporate constraint grammar rules would also be nice.
  • A way to take into account automatically new multiwords / different tokenisation.

[edit] Coding challenge

  • Install Apertium
  • Install a language pair of your choice.
  • Train a tagger in an unsupervised manner for one of the languages in your pair.
  • For one of the languages in the pair, create a manually tagged corpus for this story in a language of your choice. Make sure it already has a morphological analyser!
  • Now train the tagger in a supervised manner from the corpus you just tagged.

[edit] Frequently asked questions

  • none yet, ask us something! :)

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