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Ideas for Google Summer of Code/Improvements in lexical-selection module

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Implement a number of optimisations to the lexical selection module. The lexical selection module in Apertium is currently a prototype. There are many optimisations that could be made to make it more efficient and faster, and easier to install and use.

[edit] Tasks

  • Script/program for finding possibly missing bidix entries from an aligned parallel corpus.
  • Do proper processing of tags in all scripts.
  • Remove unused and redundant scripts.
  • Work on a way to trim non-significant features from the maximum-entropy models.
  • Rewrite the LRXProcessor::processME and LRXProcessor::process methods so that they share more code and are more modularised. Having a 650 line method is not something I (Francis Tyers) am proud of ;__;
  • Make sure that capitalisation, any tag and any character work as expected.
  • more here

[edit] Coding challenge

[edit] Frequently asked questions

  • none yet, ask us something! :)

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