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Google Summer of Code/Report 2013

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[edit] Projects

[edit] Apertium Turkish-Uzbek

Student: akindalki

Mentor: Gianluca Grossi

[edit] Rule-based finite-state disambiguation

Student: David Nemeskey

Mentor: Mans Hulden

[edit] Improvements in lexical-selection module

Student: Filip Petkovski

Mentor: Francis Tyers

[edit] A Sliding-Window Drop-in Replacement for the HMM Part-of-Speech Tagger in Apertium

Student: Gang Chen

Mentor: Mikel L. Forcada

[edit] Chinese-to-Spanish Apertium System

Student: jCentelles

Mentor: martaruizcostajussa

[edit] Danish-Norwegian (Bokmål) language pair

Student: Jonas Fromseier

Mentor: Jacob Nordfalk

[edit] Ukrainian-Russian language pair

Student: Kirill Krylov

Mentor: Trond Trosterud

[edit] Visual interface for editing transfer rules

Student: Lipka Boldizsár

Mentor: Jimmy O'Regan

[edit] Hindi-English Language Pair

Student: Nikant Vohra

Mentor: Abu Zaher Md. Faridee

[edit] Application for "Interface for creating tagged corpora" GSOC 2013

Student: Oscar Ramirez

Mentor: Gema Ramírez-Sánchez

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