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Google Summer of Code/Report 2012

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[edit] Successful projects

[edit] Apertium-sl-sh: machine translation between Slovene and Serbo-Croatian

Student: Aleš Horvat

Mentor: Jernej Vicic

[edit] Apertium on your mobile

(Apertium for Android)

Student: arink verma

Mentor: Kanmuri

[edit] Corpus-based lexicalised feature transfer

Student: Filip Petkovski

Mentor: Francis Tyers

[edit] Rule-based finite-state disambiguation

Student: Hrvoje Peradin

Mentor: Jimmy O'Regan

[edit] Apertium-kaz-tat: machine translation between Kazakh and Tatar

Student: Ilnar Salimzyanov

Mentor: Jonathan Washington

[edit] New Maltese-Arabic language pair

Student: mfronczak

Mentor: Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

[edit] Make lttoolbox-java embeddable

Student: Mikel Artetxe

Mentor: Jacob Nordfalk

[edit] apertium-quz-spa: Machine Translation between Cuzco Quechua and Spanish

Student: Pato Y.

Mentor: Trond Trosterud

[edit] Apertium id-ms: Indonesian-Malaysian machine translation

Student: Raymond Hendy Susanto

Mentor: Septina Dian Larasati

[edit] Failed projects

[edit] Turkish and Tatar


[edit] Turkish-Turkmen Machine Translation-Apertium

Student: yasin

Mentor: Gianluca Grossi

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