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Spanish and Portuguese

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  • Carme Armentano-Oller, Rafael C. Carrasco, Antonio M. Corbí-Bellot, Mikel L. Forcada, Mireia Ginestí-Rosell, Sergio Ortiz-Rojas, Juan Antonio Pérez-Ortiz, Gema Ramírez-Sánchez, Felipe Sánchez-Martínez, Miriam A. Scalco (2006) "Open-source Portuguese-Spanish machine translation", in In Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3960 (Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language, Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Computational Processing of Written and Spoken Portuguese, PROPOR 2006), May 13-17, 2006, ME - RJ / Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. ((c) Springer-Verlag 2006) , p. 50-59