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Basque to Spanish Tools

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 svn co https://apertium.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/apertium/crossdics

to have access to the scripts.

Complete information about gender

Information about gender was not available in the bilingual dictionaries. The add-gender script (uses crossdics module) has been used to complete this information based on a morphological dictionary.

$ ./add-gender  <morph-source> <bil> <out>

Assign paradigm

New entries available in <bil> (those on the left side) can be inserted in <out> based on the information available in the morphological dictionary <morph-source>.

$ ./assignparadigm  <morph-source> <bil> <out>


Entry in eu_changes_morph.xml:


Paradigm of indize is assigned to goi-indize.

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