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Assamese and Hindi

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This started as a minor project for my MCA course. But I would love it to be mature enough to be finally released. However the dictionaries need to expanded as there are still many words that have not been covered. I will keep updating them from time to time. But I also expect that many people be interested in helping to develop a proper translation system for the Assamese and Hindi language pair. Anyone interested may contact me at anuraj1328@ibibo.com. My dictionaries have been uploaded in the svn repository of Apertium. Here's the link. Do take a look: https://github.com/apertium/apertium-as-hi

Hoping to see at least some updates to the dictionaries in the near future...


     expand coverage of the dictionaries
     work on Hindi -> Assamese

Potential Problems

Gender mapping: The nouns in Assamese language mostly are devoid of gender. As a consequence, unlike Hindi, Assamese verbs do not change depending on the gender of the nouns.

The copula (or the connective है/होना ) is also missing in Assamese, these have to be correctly mapped.

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