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Hindi and Urdu

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Some pending tasks:

  • Convert M. Humayoun's Urdu Morphology → lttoolbox (probably using full form list and speling tools)
  • Create bilingual dictionary for all words in the Urdu morphology (some can be extracted from Wiktionary, see the dev/ directory in the incubator module)
  • Make sure tagsets are consistent between Humayoun, IIIT and Apertium (see List of symbols)
  • Train part-of-speech taggers for both Urdu and Hindi.
  • Finish conversion of IIIT Hindi analyser (see Hindi... Verbs still need to be converted, and other categories checked.)
  • Write transfer rules, if any needed
  • Retrain part-of-speech taggers with target-language tagger training.
  • Run quality controls (see Quality control)

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